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Seeking camera move guidance

Perhaps this has already been covered somewhere in the community - but am seeking direction on how to refine the path of the camera.  I'm sure it can be done because I have seen it in some scribes - which I assume were Sparkol creations....

Is there some way of animating the PATH of the camera from one slide to the next?  It seems like the only way to get the camera to move is to transition directly TO another image, but the camera can't move unless it has a destination image to move to.  Rather than a simple FROM-TO linear move, is it possible to follow an arc?  More specifically....

I am trying to add an ANTICIPATION to the move so that the camera antics slightly LEFT before moving RIGHT to the next image on the next "page."

Is there some technique I am overlooking?  That is... something other than the TRANSITION time?

Thanks in advance!

camera movements are always straight lines but they can be in any direction on the X and y axes (diagonals for example).

You can do the left-right thing pretty easily.
To add a small left movement before your right movement, simply add a dummy element to assign the left camera movement to (then, with the dummy element selected, click the "set camera" icon. You can place the dummy element off screen somewhere and give it a draw time of zero, a pause of zero and a short transition time). then add the next videoscribe element as usual to assign your right camera movement.

Example video using this technique:

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-Mike (videoscribe user)

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