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Text Blurred


Are there plans to increase the number of fonts to use within Videoscribe, All the fonts i import are slightly blurred compared to the main font included. Why is this and Is there a way around it? 

Also what would be really really useful is a skew or shear tool, for text, any plans on adding this? 



Nothing in the immediate pipeline I'm afraid. If there are particular ones you would like to see built in and optimised then I would raise these on the feature request forums and if there are other customers that want the same thing we will give them some consideration.

Thank you for your reply. 

I will have a think on which fonts are best and get back to you. Is there a reason why fonts imported, and are often blurred? 



The basic font built into VideoScribe has been built as an SVG and therefore is scalable and remains crystal clear even at high zoom levels. Imported fonts do not create SVG images as these need to be manually mapped so they are JPG images that are created. Therefore they do not scale as well and become blurry at high zoom levels. We have tried to balance the quality on imported fonts to mean you can have text at a normal size on screen at a good quality without the image files being so large that they effect performance. 

Can't you at least have one sharp font at a bigger size with both upper and lower case?

Text is a big thing in whiteboard animations. Can't believe you don't offer a single font with a lower case that can be properly used at all sizes. 

We currently only offer our Basic font that is built in as an SVG. This is only offered in Upper Case at this time. 

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