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Using Adobe Draw and Sketch

I am a novice Adobe user, and trying to learn Illustrator.  Lately I've discovered much to my relief, that Adobe has other tools to compliment the Illustrator platform.  Namely, Scetch and Draw.  However, I have some questions.  First, with Draw, after developing and uploading an SVG into videoscribe, the hand-drawing motion  only shows the outline of every image, say a fat handwritten letter O, then the inside of the outlines sort of "pops" in,  As for sketch, I can't seem to insert a drawing without it showing as a microscopic square, with tags as though it can be sized....but pulling on the tags only stretches it into something invisible.  I think I'm close with opening up a whole new world with these tools, but need them to be more compatible.  Any help much appreciated.

I don't know those programs so I don't know if they are able to make SVGs "right"

The problem is that you are making an image that videoscribe interprets as filled paths instead of stroked paths. It is either a genuine filled path or a stroked path using some type of paintbrush stroke.  Both of those types of images will give you the result you described. See tip #1 in the following link to understand what causes this problem in SVGs made with illustrator: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)

The tips in that link may work just as well in your other programs. (most simply, use the pen or pencil tool and a basic stroked path.)

Or maybe someone has experience with those programs and can offer suggestions.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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