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Improve/Fix Undo

Over half the time, VideoScribe does not undo the last thing I did; it undoes something random. Most of the time, it resizes an image I had recently edited, and does so without maintain the correct aspect ratio (and thus widens or elongates the image).

Please fix.

Additionally, a window with your entire edit history would be appreciated.

Lastly, a "revert" feature, where you can quickly load your last saved project, would also be appreciated.

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Yeh i basically don't use undo, it's very unpredictable what you'll get.

Alex, to answer you question on the randomness at the moment Undo will only affect rotate and resize so if will undo the last action of this type that you made. Keep voting on this one though and comment with how you would like this to appear as an interface as the more detail we have the better

Good to know. If it could also handle undo/redo of movement it'd be very useful.

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