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Improved/REAL Autosave (RR-1286)


Currently what VideoScribe offers and calls an "auto-save" is in reality a "project-recovery" feature. If the program crashes while you work, it will load the last saved auto-save of the project. This is good to have, but it is grossly inadequate.

- I can't access any folders with an auto-save history of my project

- The only way to access the most recent auto-saved version of my project is for the program to crash.

- I want to be able to go back through time on my project by choosing from a list of regularly saved intervals of my project as one can do with any of Adobe's video products.

Due to some of VideoScribes many quirks/bugs; specifically, the one that prevents you from saving an imported Scribe file with a new name without first saving it to your "base folder" with its original name, I have accidently lost valuable work. Please implement a true auto-save in VideoScribe.

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"Grossly inadequate" is a good term. "Total garbage" is a good one, too. I have worked for hours upon hours today, getting in the zone. I concentrated very hard on the project, forgetting to manually save because I was occupied on the project.

Then I encountered the bug where you click on the "add image" button and it says "loading libraries, this should not take long," and then it proceeds to freeze on that screen, making accessing anything, even saving, impossible. It makes exiting out normally impossible too, requiring me to access task manager and end it as a task. So the "you haven't saved" message that happens when you click X didn't appear either.

But that was okay. I had autosave.

Then I get in, receive absolutely no message telling me that my autosave was ready to click on like is supposed to happen when a project is suddenly aborted, and realize that my work is gone. But that was okay. I had autosave. So I looked up how to access the autosaved file. Because that's how autosave is supposed to work.

Only to find out you get once chance (that I was not given), then the autosave is deleted. Say what? Why in George Washington's wrinkly earlobes even have an autosave if that's the case? I've turned it off and will be saving every five minutes manually, because the feature that is reasonably expected to be functional is not.

Hi Daniel,

I'm sorry that you have experienced this issue. We have made improvements to the autosave feature in the new version of VideoScribe (3.3) which we are hoping to release very soon. I realise that this will not help to recover any work you have lost and I am sorry about that but the new version will be more stable in that regard. We will announce the release on the VideoScribe blog.

I have also reported the comments on this thread to the VideoScribe project manager and further improvements will be made in future.

Thank you, Matthew!

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