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Improvemet of copy & paste items

It would be great to be able to copy / paste an already existing item to a different physical location than just above the existing one and then move it around to the location needed.


I have an image in the middle of the scribe and want to have a copy eg at the end where I scale it to my needs ect.


Move timeline, copy, paste, move timeline, (find item...) select, move item on the screen.


Copy, paste (eg right click giving a choice) and move to the end/last screen location. 

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Could work well if once copied you could right-click and paste on an area of the canvas and it would paste there. If you Ctrl+P or use the Paste button the current default would continue but a right-click allows you to specify a location on the canvas. 

As for the timeline position you could select an element before you paste and they would follow that element once pasted, as with current functionality.

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