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Increase the number of songs


I would like to suggest to increase the number os songs. 

Thanks a lot,



In what way do you mean? Do you mean the number of music tracks available for use in our library or do you mean the number of tracks you can use in one project?


I mean the number of music tracks available for use in VS library. 

Thank you very much for considering my suggestions!

No problem, like with all requests customer popularity is important so we'll if any other customers like your post as a show of support

Of course. In your line of thinking, I would like to suggest to publish a list of suggestions made by users (and Sparkol team) so that we all can rate or pick our preferences for improvements. This way you would have a very accurate list of that people are hoping for. 

That's exactly what this forum. Each topic should be a separate idea and you can like them as a way of voting.

Well, this is a forum with literally hundreds of posts. I am not available to go into each one and see if I want thatsuggestion or not, and rate the suggestion. To do it by myself would not make sense. 

That is why I suggested to make a sort of a poll of suggestions and users could pick I few more relevant to them. I would take the suggestions from here but would present in an organized way, and in a way to create a rank of more desidered suggestions to the least. Hope I could be clear. 

I understand your point but we just don't have that functionality within the support site we use at this point. Suppose the key is clear topic titles which makes the list easier to scroll through and judge if you want to read further. We also pin the current top 5 most popular which have not already been implemented/rejected to the top of the forum as well so you can always see the most popular suggestions straight away. 

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