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Retrive a job. Urgent please.

Good afernoon, I spent my 7 day trial and I did a very important job but I didn't have time to publish it or save it. It's a work of a subject and I've worked hard... How could recover if only for posting on a site?

Best Answer
Customer support will probably try to publish it to youtube or for you.
They will also probably try to identify what is causing the problems.

As I checked each element in the timeline, videoscribe locked up when I got to the second bomb which has a zoom level of 1510%. I would recommend keeping each of your zoom levels under 1000% zoom I usually keep mine between 15% and 500%. Higher levels may cause memory related problems. (everything else before the bomb looked okay to me.)

You may want to watch the tutorial videos to learn more about setting the camera position if you get a chance. It looked as though there were groups of images that might work better if they shared the same camera position. Possibly you are using the default program-assigned camera position for every element.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Heya - we are more than happy to publish your scribe on Youtube for you, Luz. 

Thank you very much. Could you warn me please ?


Hi Jess,
Her scribe is attached in one of the previous replies in case you did not already see it and start publishing it for her.


Sorry, what happened with my job?

Luz, it may be the length of this video or it may be the size due to the amount of extreme zoom but we cannot get this to publish to YouTube through the automatic upload. YouTube has extra restrictions on size with auto upload and I think that's what's causing the error.

So I've sent it to as unlisted instead and once it's uploaded it will be available from

Hola Barry, it's normal that the video loading stay for long?

Looks like it failed to render. Could be the zoom is causing the render to peak out too. I have just reset it to give it another go.

Of course, if you wanna be, I could enter again in the scribe and remove all those extreme zooms

Barry? Sorry I need urgently the work. 

Luz, it failed again on and this will be because the render engine cannot handle the elements you have in excess of 1000% zoom level.

Barry, would yo give me a little more time and I retouch the scribe?

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