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Can I use morphing with colors?

Hi, I try to have my image - the car do the following:

1. it will stop in the center of the screen and then some texts show up;

2. the car will then move forward to the right side of screen and "climb" onto a slope. 

I searched the forum and found that I can use morphing to make an object move. However, I can only do this by selecting "outline" instead of full colors. 

Is there a way to keep the colors?


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Color fills always disappear during a morph and all stroked paths become 100% black during the morph.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Fatima, while you cannot morph with colour you can move the camera around the image. Would make getting something up a slope a little tricky I will admit but in terms of moving something into and out of shot it can work. 

This is a question I have had before and I chucked together a quick example so I have attached it here and linked the finished video as well

I have decided to use Premiere (video edting)  to move things around more easily in "post" .  

Here is my workaround flow

1. Create a pause with the appropriate time needed for the intended effect  in Videoscribe

2. Output the final video file in HD

3. Open your finished scribe HD file in Premiere or other video editing app and import  the objects to morph, move etc.  Within this environment you have many more options .  It is of course dependent on a good story board with detailed notes,  along with good timing within Videoscribe. 

But it is doable! 


Thanks for sharing Jeff!

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