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The ability to save on mp4 on my computer


I would like to leave this suggestion:

The ability to save on mp4 on my computer. 



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You can do this. if you upload your video to by using the 'Share Video Online' option there is an MP4  download link available there for the owner of the video. This also links into another one of your requests as with this method of publishing the render work is done on our servers so you can leave it to publish and carry on with your next project. You will get an email as soon as the video is created and it's there for you to share and download.


Dear Barry,

Yes, you can use the current implementation of creating a video having the .mov extension and upload it to a converter service or convert it by yourself with eg handbrake...

But I fully agree to the proposal of Jose. 

As an alternative to mp4, if there are any legal issues, you could offer mkv. But at least you should offer more (and better) than the current container formats. The codec libraries and the use are usually for free and it is quite easy to implement them.

Customer demands and ideas means to be open for the future :-)

Ah, ok, thanks a lot! I will try that. I understand that the quality will be exactly as if the render was done at my computer, right?

I never used that. Do I have to choose the fps as well??? If not, what is the fps used? is basically our own version of YouTube but gives a direct MP4 download to the video owner as well. They are downloadable at 1080, 720 & 360 all of which are 25fps.

Of course if you need higher fps then you can render to a .mov and convert as well.

Also yes completely agree all these things are workarounds and the addition of MP4 in the standard video creation options is what is requested here!

Hi!  I'm not a tech expert - by any means.  I'm asking smarter tech people inside my bank (U.S. Bank) if they know how to do this.

My Q is this... this post references as a version of YouTube.  I'm not opposed to this but the video would need to be private and give me the ability to add people to see it.  Also, I'd want them to be able to snag a copy if we decide we want it on our server.  Is that doable?

Thanks!  Lee

Please make mp4 an easier choice !!!! has 3 privacy settings

  • Private = just the owner when they are logged into the site
  • Unlisted = You can share the URL shortcode with others and they can view but not on public walls
  • Public = Public on the site
Only the owner can download a copy of the video but the embed code for the video is available to anyone who views it.

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