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videoscribe anywhere

I have my new iphone. I tried videoscribe anywhere but to my disappointment, there's no option to change background color and set the camera position. At least these two options should be available in the app. thank you looking forward to it.

Hi Fatima,

VideoScribe Anywhere on the mobile is designed to be a stripped down version of VideoScribe to allow users to quickly create scribes on the go.

The camera positions are purposefully set to focus on one element at a time.

These can be published on the mobile or edited further using the full suite of tools on the desktop version.

For this reason, VideoScribe Anywhere will not be implementing any additional editing tools.

If there are any further suggestions, please do keep posting!

I agree that it would be nice to have these additional features as well as the ability to change fonts. I absolutely love using the app on my iPad Pro with the 12.2" screen. But unfortunately have to save to the cloud and then wait until I get back to my computer to edit and clean up my video there. Please reconsider implementing additional features, or perhaps make a second app available for iPads.

Same with me, having a full feature version on iPad Pro would be great!

Totally agree - at least give us an option to "unlock" camera position and colours. This would greatly increase usability of the app. I suspect there's a fear of cannabalising the main app, but conversely someone else could develop better ios app...

If you cant add the features to the mobile app (I understand why you won't want to do that) how about making the interface web-based rather than a downloadable software package.  We could at least edit via our mobile browser then.

It's still a great product though!

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