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Animation Features


just one question. Are they any other animations as Draw,Morph and Move In? For example animations like in PowerPoint that ane image appear by zooming into the scene or something? Thank you :).

Those are the only three default methods for importing new elements.

However, You can use morph to make an image start very small and then enlarge to full size. Morph works best with SVG images containing only black stroked paths.

You can create animated gifs to make images do different things, but that will require you to learn about making gifs if you don't already know how. I have found GIFS to look a bit rough around the edges, although I might be doing something wrong with them.

You can use video editing programs to add other effects but it would require additional software and training for most people.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Mike,

thank you for your answer. Maybe there is a Youtube tutorial or something about the "animated gifs"? Otherwise I will try to experiment with using "Morph". Thanks :).


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