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3.5 bugs

 1. Oldie but goodie -- Sync Bug. When preview in sync when renders (WMV) out of sync. It does stay in sync initially but the longer the video, slowly it gets out of sync and gets worse as time goes on. So testing a 10 second video won't cut it.

2. When the video ends, it is huge in the preview.

Back to an earlier version. Syncing is critical.

UPDATE: when I went back to 3.2 I could not edit the video I created in 3.5 with 3.2.

Everything was completely messed up.


UPDATE: More problems with the video I created in 3.5. The audio (voice over -- mp3) would not import into my video editor (vegas pro). Besides the syncing problem, there is definetly problems with the audio. I never had this issue before -- I could always open the WMV video into my editor (both video and audio) but now only the video portion opens in my editor with the audio portion completely blank.


 I wish you could edit your posts.

UPDATE: The 3.5 video I created was rendered in WMV. I converted it to mp4 and the audio imported fine to my editor. -- great site for conversions.

We always test VideoScribe to ensure backwards compatibility. So v2.3.5 will open scribe projects created in any currently supported version (v2.1 and above). 

We don't test forwards compatibility though. A lot of the time the updates will be minor enough tweaks not change the structure enough to cause issues but obviously something between v2.3.2 and v2.3.5 has meant that that it's no longer forwards compatible at that version. 

With regards that though and your other points around sync on longer scribes, huge preview at the end, and audio we would need to have a look at the specifics of your scribe to see if we can identify the issues and see if we can replicate them to ensure they are system bugs. I have logged a support ticket for this Dan so we can get copies of the scribe files and take a closer look.

Hey Barry....sorry to get back to you late.......I didn't save the file. When I went back to earlier version I deleted it since I could not edit it. Next time I will send file.



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