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anatomy pictures

i need to find more anatomy pictures than come with videoscribe

can you recommend what i should do.

i am a new user so i am just getting use to everything

There are in excess of 2500 images in the VideoScribe free library and they are all tagged with a few keywords that describe them. They are best searched with single words rather than strings. If you can't find something in the free collection that search will also search premium images. These are not owned by Sparkol but are actually sold by private illustrators through the application which is why we cannot include them in the subscription price. The illustrator sets the price and keeps all intellectual property rights to their work and you can find our more about this at


If you are struggling to find something suitable they are actually fairly easy to create and you can just find an image you like and trace it if you like. You may find our Create your own images page useful I would highly recommend this YouTube video which one of our customers has created to walk you through image creation. One of our regular customers also has a forum post on tips and settings needed with SVGs to make them draw well in the application.

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