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"Not Responding" and hanging

Ugh. I recently purchased the product for a project that I am on a deadline for. Have followed all the tips but continue to have the "non responding" regularly - and to the point that it is making editing nearly impossible! 

Not happening at the same spot, and I don't have a photo heavy, or too long project. Also have most of my views at no or small enlargements and don't have alot of camera jumps. 

Have asked support for help. But thought I would check here. 

What gives? Right now this is a barely usable program!


please export your .scribe file and attach it here if you want help from users.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


here is the export. 

file hopefully attached


1) The first thing I see is that the elements are spread out pretty wide so the final zoom-out is 8% or lower. That could be a problem. instead of moving the camera always to the right for each new element, sometimes move down  or left so they are grouped in more of a square or round area and not so spread out. Arranging your elements into 3 or 4 rows can give you a final zoom out percentage of about 20-25% which would be better.

2) What is the largest file size of any of your images? If any image is over 1MB, that is a red flag. File sizes of less than 250k are generally acceptable. well prepared SVG images are often  in the 1-50 k range.

3) At least eleven elements use move-in with an animation time of zero. Change those to "draw" or use a longer animation time than zero. I'm not sure if that will cause a freeze but it is known to create other problems

4) if you use a transition time of zero when your camera has to transition to a new location for the next element, you might run into problems. If you have a pause of 2.5 and a transition time of zero... you could change it to a pause of 2 and a transition time of .5. I'm not sure this will cause trouble, but if might be something to consider if the other tips don't resolve the symptom.

5) you can also try deleting the music and re-adding it...

6) and it is possible that other things are causing your symptoms, but the items mentioned above are known to cause memory related issues (like freezing) or other unwanted behaviors, so they may be a good place to start.

 -Mike (videoscribe user)

after you make some changes, save, and then close videoscribe and re open it. That sometimes seems to free up some memory.


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