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Videoscribe vs Tawe vs Prezi

Anyone every paid attention to how well these 3 programs keep an audience attention over the other?

Compare youtube to live class?

Which is better for certain situations/presentations?

List of pros/cons of each?

Obviously we at Sparkol HQ are slightly bias and therefore I will refrain from turning this into a corporate response and selling our product benefits as it's real world opinions you are after... but there are real world independent assessments out there in the form of blog posts. A Google search will return a good selection but I have included a couple of examples below as a start to the conversation.

I feel like Tawe and Prezi serve different purposes that videoscribe.

Video scribe obviously does video far better than anything else. I like the way it works too, but is there a way to make it a click presentation like Prezi?

Any big differences between Tawe and Prezi?

They are all different programs and can be used in a multitude of different ways. You can produce short clips in VideoScribe and put each one on a separate slide if you like or publish as an image sequence and just use stills from VideoScribe in a presentation.

Tawe has both video and presentation output but you have one image to work with rather than a library to build up your story. 

As for Prezi... I work for Sparkol and therefore have no need to use it so wouldn't like to comment on a product I don't know ;)

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