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Best practice for adding voice over

Can anyone please suggest the best practice for adding voice over? Shall I create Whiteboard animation first or Voice over? 

I'm planning to use VideoScribe for creating some teaching content and confuse regarding mixing audio with whiteboard animation. I tried creating audio first but looks like very minute details need to be take care of from the beginning. Same thing if I create video first. Any pointer, suggestions? 



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Hei. I alway created the video first. Then i use audacity to record the voice. meanwhile i am watching the film in the screen i spear my text in the mic an record it with audacity. At the end i imported the mp3 file. Then i watch the final project. and if i need some more pause i insert them at the relevant elements.

We always recommend creating the voice over first. Talking at your natural 'presentation' pace always makes for a much better finished article and you have Animate/Draw times as well as pause and transition on each element of your scribe so tweaking your timings for images is a lot easier than tweaking your audio.

Also if you have a lot to say you may want to Record a voiceover in an external application where it is easier to edit and won't have to be done in one take and then import this as a completed MP3 when it is ready.

Thanks Thorsten and Barry. Really appreciate taking time in answering my question. This is very helpful. I'll give it a try.

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