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Move multible images the the same time

Is it possible to move or morph multible images at the same time?

e.g. i have 2 images. A girl an a boy.

I want to shrink them to smaler persons. i only know that way step by step. 

First the boy and then the girl.

But i wanted to start shrinken both images at the same time.

You can only move/draw/morph one image at a time in VideoScribe. The only way to do this would be to export the separate SVGs into Inkscape/Illustrator and then make them one image.

Yes. i tried this. Bit there is a problem.

1) i moved person 1 to another place

2) i moved person 2 at the same place. near by person 1.

3) now i wanted zu shrunk both person. for this i have to use a new image where both person are in it

But i don't know the step how to change the 2 person images with the new image (where are both person in it).

I think i have to use MORPH. But i can do it only with one image. So one personis still on screen

option 1) if the two people are the only images visible on the screen, just zoom out the camera to make them smaller. (you will have to add a new element somewhere (it can be off-camera where you can't see it) in order to add a new camera position.

option 2) when you have the 2 larger people together, just import a new image containing the 2 smaller people with a white background and place it over the two larger people.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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