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Brush away all images with a hand


i wanted zu use the effect, that all images on the canvas maybe removed respectively "brushed away" with an hand witch moves e.g. from the lower rigth side  in an bow to the lower left side. I have seen it in many presentations, but i do not know how to manage it with videoscribe

There is a image in the library called "scribble out" which is a white blob and can be placed over images to remove them. It's set up so the hand goes over it like it is erasing something. Works well with a hand holding a eraser on that element.

Hei Barry thank you.

But i don't want to erase one image with a "rubber". It should look like there are 5 images on the screen an a hand should start in the lower right side and wipe over the screen to the lower left side, On it's way all images will be erased. 

Three answers:
1) if you want to wipe images away (make the disappear as the arm moves across the canvas), choose whatever hand you want (maybe the hand that is usually used for move-ins) and make a simple arched SVG path for it to follow. stroke the svg path with a big enough white stroke to cover everything on the screen as the hand moves across.

2) since videoscribe is designed to emulate traditional whiteboard videos, the usual procedure would be to move the camera to an empty area of the whiteboard instead of wiping away images. stacking many images and wipes in the same spot may lead to visual artifacts or other problems.

3) if you want multiple images to be brushed aside (moved off of the canvas in a believable manner like sheets of paper being pushed off of a table by a real arm), that probably can't be done with videoscribe alone.

Other folks might have additional suggestions.

Hope that helps,


Can I use this option to erase something added in at an earlier point of the movie?

option 1? yes.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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