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Is this a Sparkol presentation?

I am producing a videoscribe animation with additional animation elements to be composited.  Wondering if anyone can provide any leads to the "cutout-popups" shown in the attached file: @ 00:09

I assume (and hoping) this is some kind of FCPX plugin ...  but I have come up empty-handed in my own search/investigation.  

Looks like at least a portion of this was done with the Sparkol software....

Hoping that someone in this community will recognize where this plugin (or other method) might have come from - or any other leads would be great!

Thanks everyone!


Not sparkol in my opinion.
looks like the hand was filmed live doing the initial drawing and lettering.
book pages and popops possibly done in a 3d program or simply some vector based animation software (toonboom, anime studio etc).
Composited using after effects or something similar probably.

Since the hand draws the book at the beginning, I'm inclined to believe that the animation was created in-house although it could be from a set of premade animations, but I wouldn't know where to find that.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks for your thoughts on this Mike!

I will look into those references you mentioned.



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