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Codec Discussion

 I'm pretty naive when it comes to the topic of video codecs. I first started to investigate it when I would render a video as a MOV file and my whites looked washed out. For example, a white shirt  looked so washed out it would blend in with a white background and look invisible. I believe the experts called it a gamma shift and there were a number of solutions. I also found myself avoiding images with white in them as much as possible.

With Red, the color seem blotchy -- I never found a solution for how to fix reds.

This got me thinking about the video codecs I have installed on my computer (windows 7). Not an easy subject to understand despite my googling efforts.

Most articles I read  talk about codec errors during playback. I understand if I want to playback a MOV file, for example, I have to have the right codecs installed on my computer.

But what about the render quality of a video?  Doesn't CODECs play a part in the quality of the rendered product? I think it does!

This got me thinking. If there is a playback error, it would be obvious because your video player will either not play or give you an error during playback.

But what about the rendering process? How do you know if your codecs are rendering the video as it should?

Is there software out there that can check and verify if the video codecs you have installed on your computer are optimized and  working as they should for rendering a video.

Any thoughts?

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