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I cant upload my scribe PLEASE HELP ME

Im on free  trial, and im trying to upload my scribe on youtube, but after the creating video finish, the window stucks and i have to begin again , same thing with facebook uploading

Please bear in mind that the upload is a 3 stage process, first you sign in, then video is made and finally your video is uploaded. If you press the X at any point this will cancel the upload and while it may appear stuck it can take some time to upload a video file to a website so you will need to give it some time. If you open Task Manager during that stage does Windows show the program as Not Responding? If you do not see that then VideoScribe is still uploading your video. You will see a "Congratulations, your video has been uploaded" when it's uploaded. Only click the ticks, if you click a X it stops the process

Common issues with YouTube

Common issues with Facebook

If you are still having problems save your scribe to the online cloud folder and let us know what it is called we can take a look for you and see if we can identify the issue.

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