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Before I buy...

Hi, I am presently trying out the free 7-day trial version. And I have a few questions before i deside to buy a Videoscribe.

How much cost premium images?

When I buy Videoscribe (yearly) have I 3rd party transfer rights?

There is more content in paid version compared with trial version?


1) premium images (the ones with red tags in the image library) are provided by professional artists and videoscribe users. Those artists set the prices for those images. When I last looked, the prices ranged from $.98 to $79 USD. There is also a service called SVG STUDIO that provides a large library of additional images for a price.
related link: buying-and-using-premium-images

2) While you have an active paid membership,  you are allowed to sell videos, that you create using videoscribe content ( and any other properly licensed content), to a third party.

3) The same library items are visible to free trial users and paid members. A search of the image library may return more images than you would see by just browsing the library folders, I think. Red tag (premium) images can only be purchased by paying videoscribe users.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you very much for your answer ;)



Mike as always has hit the nail on the head. I just have one thing to add.

Price ranges for premium images can be found here -

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