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Parts missing during rendering

Hello Team, 

I have just finished my first scribe, but unfortunately some parts do not get exported during rendering. Any idea how I can solve this bug?

I have already saved the file under a different name, tried different laptops and checked every single part during the preview. The preview is just fine... only exporting doesn't work. 

Please help! 

Thank you,


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The most common reason for this is that they are elements set to 'Move-In' with 0 animation time. The render cannot not handle this and we are going to add a warning message into the software to stop this soon. 

If you change the animation of that element to draw it will work fine

Thank you for this, I had the same problem with the morph feature.

Has this issue been fixed yet? When rendering, many parts of my videos have been missed, but I don't want to add any animation time. 

Hi Rachael,

There is still an issue in version 2.3.7 where the Pause and Transition times of a text element are ignored, on the rendered video, if a text element with a 0 second animate time is immediately followed by any other element with a 0 second animate time. This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the next version - 2.3.8.

In the meantime the only workaround is to add animate time of greater than 0 to either of the 0 second animate time elements - either the text element or the one that follows it. You can add 0.1 seconds of animate time by opening the [text or image] element properties, clicking on the numerical value that is currently set and typing 0.1. You would also need to remove the hand for this element otherwise the hand may flash up briefly when it's moved in or drawn.


You won't be able to tell the difference between the element having 0 and 0.1 seconds of Animate time.

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