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Cool effect - how do I do it?

Hello, I've just watched a scribe on the wall:

How have they achieved the 3-D rotate technique? And the shot where they completely animate a man, altering perspective as they go? Is that by inserting an animation video created in an alternative platform? 

Thanks for your help!

The company, whose business is providing 3d imagery, probably created their own 3d imagery for that video.

They probably used video editing software like adobe after effects to composite it with the videoscribe video.

Those spinning and rotating 3d effects cannot be created withing videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


As Mike has said, this isn't something you could easily do in videoscribe. It's a very well created scribe and it's hard to tell the exact techniques, but I expect it involved multiple scribes that were stitched together in some video editing software. I'd assume that this is how they also achieved the 3D rotation effects by bringing in a 3D object that they'd created externally.

Thanks for your insight both!



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