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Can I edit the draw paths?

Hi all

I'm new here so please be gentle! I would like to import my own logo image and edit the path that the hand animation takes across it. I know that I can create an SVG and import this however I am wondering if there is a more elegant solution in the software itself.

By the way, I only started using this software this morning and I'm really impressed so far.




Hi Rich,
1) If you are using a PNG or jpg image, you will see some options for drawing the logo when you import it.
In general, none of these will give results that look as good as a well prepared SVG image.

2) if you are using an SVG, There is not a way within videoscribe to change the way the hand moves around the drawing.

3) However, you can edit the SVG in inkscape (free at or adobe illustrator to change the way the hand moves, for example: by adding transparent stroked paths for the hand to follow. RELATED LINK: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update). You may have to spend some time experimenting with SVGs before you have a clear understanding of the way they work in videoscribe and how you can use transparent stroked paths.

TIP(as of April 2016): versions of inkscape and illustrator released before 2013 may cause fewer potential complications in videoscribe .

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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