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Playing different scribes in powerpoint

Hello, I have purchased VIDEOSCRISBE and created 3 scribes. I published each of them separately to powerpoint Then, i copied the videoscribe slides to my previously-prepared powerpoint presentation. 1. When i start my presentation and get to the first vscribe it works, when i get to the other two, and click to play, the first scribe is played instead! 2. Their quality is really bad! Please help! I need this for an important event this week :) Thanks in advance
You could export the videos at a higher resolution in MOV or AVI format and then add them to your powerpoint presentation.

Customer support might need to see the file to provide suggestions about the other problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Noor, now you have purchased VideoScribe you can render locally in HD which will give you a much higher quality that the standard PowerPoint direct output. You can then manually import these videos into PowerPoint and that will work fine.

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