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Why Can I input Others characters?

Dear VS team:

      I was the first user of the VS.I had found 2 problem on it.

     1.Characters. I was found I can not insert the Chinese characters, VS show me it isn't a valid characters, So I always use the "AI software" to create a character cvg file to do it, that is so inconvenient and let me make more time, sometimes I can't stand it!

     2.Animations.I think I don’t like the all animation, because it cause my computer run more time and not smooth.So I suggest you can add an button let user to close all the animations.

              That's all, thank you!  ^_^

Not sure what you mean by close all the animations? I think you may mean that things just appear on the canvas rather than being drawn in. You can achieve this by reducing the draw time to 0 on each element. Please make sure you have them set to draw through as Move-in and Morph with 0 animation time do not render to video.

With regards the Chinese characters it's not an alphabet we currently support. Write with non-Western text characters covers the SVG creation workaround you have talked about but if you want this included as standard then vote on this feature request by liking the original post. The more likes the language request gets the more likely we are to include it 

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