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Program Not Responding

I have been using videoscribe for about 4 months now and never had a problem until recently. I am currently working on a project and every time I go to save the program goes unresponsive. I left it alone for a few hours and came back to the program still unresponsive, so I closed it. When I reopened it immediately after it said that there was an unsaved scribe and that it could be recovered so I clicked on the check mark. When it loaded up again it had saved nothing and my work was gone. This has been happening for days. I have downloaded the most up to date program and that made it even worse. My op is Windows 10, ram is 8gb, Intel i5 processor and a load of space on my hdd.

I previously have read all threads pertaining to my problem. Is there any new update coming out someday that will allow me to download a 64bit program? Also is there anyway that I can raise the memory cap?
I don't think so, but you can save your scribe to the cloud folder or attach a .scribe file here if you would like help figuring out what is wrong with it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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