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IPad Problem

Hello, I have the trial software, but it is on mi ipad. Yesterday I made a video but I cannot open it. When I tap on the video, it loads and then the app shuts down. What shoud I do? I already have the latest version of mi ipad software, I don't know what is the problem. Please I need a solution, it is an urgency... Thank you

Fer, what happens if you try and open a new project or a different project you have saved? Does the app crash then or is it just with that one project?

When I open a different project, like the example one, it works perfectly. The app crashes just with that one project. I thought of erasing the app and download it again, but I am afraid that the project I made was not saved in my account. This is because the app lets you make a project without an account and it might erase as well, right? What should I do? Thank you Barry

If you remove the app it will remove any saved work as well. 

You would need to have saved your work to the online cloud folder for it to have been backed up and accessible after removing the app and I can see from your account you have nothing saved there.

From your description one of 2 things has happened. Your scribe had become corrupted and your iPad cannot open it or it is too large in size for your iPad to process. So my only other suggestion would be to clear down all other apps that are running in the background, restart your iPad and then open VideoScribe and that scribe as the first thing you do when you log back in. Make sure the iPad has as much capacity as possible to open the scribe. 

If you do manage to get it to open the first thing I would do is save it to the online folder so it's backed up. You could then download the desktop product too, start a trial and work on it there.

I think that what happened was that my scribe was too large in size for my iPad to process, I already restarted my iPad like a million times and I also upgraded the latest version of my iPad software, but none of these things helped. So I made my scribe all over again, but now in my computer and saved in an account. I hope I won´t have more problems but I am very grateful for your help Barry. Thank you very much and have a great day.

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