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What images would you like to see?

It's been a few months since we added our last batch of new images so we thought we would open a post for people to add their ideas for images they would like to see. Let us know and we'll do our best to include them in the next time we include images in a VideoScribe release.

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Here you go, you can download these from here and them import them into VideoScribe - Import images

Please note... these are still VideoScribe Library images and are still subject to the same terms and conditions as covered in the Licence and user terms. Feel free to use them in VideoScribe to create videos but they cannot be used outside of VideoScribe.

Thanks so much! This is very helpful! Can't wait for you to have more "group"
 images I can use for meetings and team purposes! The one you have with the group picketing cracks me up, with the guys on the left with his belly hanging out and his pants unbuttoned. Can't really use that in a work presentation. LOL

Little edits like the ones above, or extending that shirt down are very easy to make if you spend a little time learning how. We have a 'create your own images' help page and there are some great forums with artists sharing tips on here too. 

There are even people out there who have created YouTube tutorials for Illustrator of Inkscape showing you how to make things for VideoScribe from scratch using a reference image - no drawing skills needed.

To edit the images above I just found them in the Library,  added them to the VideoScribe canvas, right-clicked on them and selected 'Export to SVG'. I then opened them in Illustrator (Inkscape is free and works just as well) selected the hair fills and updated the colour. 

Could easily remove the unbuttoned section of the trousers and extend the t-shirt down to tidy that image up a bit... so I have (attached).

Watching/reading about an hour of tutorials would allow you to start making your own images and/or tweak the ones we have in the library to meet your specific needs. 

Again... while you can export and tweak images they are still VideoScribe images and covered by the Licence and user terms so can only be used in VideoScribe to make videos.

Thanks Barry! I am new to using videoscribe and had no idea I could do this! I will watch some tutorials. Thanks so much for teaching me how to fish!

New images are available today and hopefully you'll all be very pleased with them. They tick a lot of boxes for a lot of the requests that have been made on this forum to date.

We've added 116 images of our characters interacting with each other (58 different images in full colour and highlight styles). These include business meetings, weddings, teachers with students and lots more.

You can find them spread across a number of folders as this new pack covers a number of subjects. Make sure you look in Business, Home and Family, Education, Health, Characters & Sport to find them all. We've put them in the front of each folder to make the easy to spot.

@John Yumul - There's a new Dr and Patient image included in the Health folder (we still plan to add more)
@Roy Ramkissoon - There are a few more wedding options as well in Home and Family
@Ryan Carlson - Certainly more diversity in this addition and some meeting/discussions in business settings with the same groups doing multiple things
@Anej Demsar - People doing various activities is certainly covered here
@Stephanie Fleishman - This is the start of the same characters appearing doing different things
@Linnéa Sjögren - People meeting and certainly a fair amount of disability is covered in these additions
@Loreal Greathouse - One person from each of these groups will be colour editable in VideoScribe.

This is so great! Thank you Sparkol team!

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