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First I had an 11 min. video. it took over 7 hours to render 720 HD

I cut it down to 7 minutes. It took over 5 hours to render 720 HD

Cut it down to 4 1/2 minutes, let it run over night. checked computer this morning, it was hung on "processing audio" right where I left it the night before.

Cut it down to 4 minutes, First time trying render, after 3 hours I checked it and there was and "ERROR" rendering video.

Tried again... after 2 hours of rendering the video it finalized with the VideoScribe WATERMARK!  I'm a PAID subscriber.

I am trying one last time and if this fails then how do I get YOU to render this file for me. I DO NOT have time to sit her for hours and hours and hours!!

All that said, it took me 7 days to create a 3 1/2 minute video. Last night I was at it for 24 1/2 hours straight, no sleep, as my deadline was today! It would have been done in 1 hour IF you had a lock screen. because gosh forbid you try to move something on the screen the whole canvas moves and screws up alignment everywhere.

That wouldn't be so bad if you had a HIDE ALL, or HIDE the chosen frames... BUT NO... I have to go through every single frame, hide them all individually, find the ones that need to me adjusted and move each frame BACK to the correct position.  That takes hours.. AND IF i find a typo, or want to change something, I have to go back and hide each individual frame...and do the whole thing all over again. 

This is the MOST tedious, stressful, anxiety ridden program I have ever used!

Now that i'm done ranting, YOU NEED DOCUMENTATION!  This program is very expensive monthly, and it does not function well at all. 

I'm sadly disappointed.

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I signed up yesterday and I can't render the video. It arrives at the end of rendering, but does not save.

Please read the previous replies and suggestions. Raise a support ticket, and save your project online so customer support can give you specific feedback to help you make your project more effective.

The project does not save online

Is attached


Hi Humberto

A ticket has been raised for your query.

You will receive a response as soon as possible.

Hii, I make a project but has not been downloaded. Pl suggest me how to download.

 Please read the previous replies, save your project online and raise a support ticket.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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