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iPad App failures

Hi, I have installed videoscribe anywhere on my iPad (4.8) mini, IOX 9.3.1 1. Problem: Musik cannot be saved with the videoscribe file. You are able to make a link, to run a test and to save the file. But in case you close the App, after the start of the App the file is without music. 2. Problem: I made the in-App buy for camera roll. ITunes has confirmed that I have bought it. Nur I cannot install the add on tool for unlimited use. I hope you can help me. Best regards from Germany Michael

Could you save the scribe you are working on to the online cloud folder and also let us know the name of the music file you would like added. I will download it and take a look and see if I get the same issue.

With regards the In-App purchase you can restore these. If go through the process of publishing a video the last page before you confirm your purchase has a 'Restore Purchases' button and this syncs back to your iTunes account and if you have already paid for it updates the app to show this. You will normally need to do this if you re-install the app or install it on a new device for the first time.

Thank you Barry It is strange, but the app is running now. I did nothing else than to re-start several times. For the video function I habe to use restore, otherwise I get the attached message. Best regards Michael

image.png image.png
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Well glad it's working for you.

That error is just showing that your account has a marker on it to say it's paid and the restore button does the magic needed to pull that payment back into the product and let you publish videos.

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