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Can't upload to Youtube or save my work

I've been trying many, many times to upload my work to Youtube just to finally get a "can't seem to connect to Youtube" prompt. When I try to save, it takes a half hour and then finally stops responding.

I just bought monthly subscription too and I am disappointed with Videoscribe. My video is only 8 minutes.

I am now uploading it to Hopefully, it will actually be fully uploaded.

Akmal, if you have a subscription then I would suggest publishing the video locally to your computer and then manually uploading it to your YouTube channel to see if that works for you. Also check out our Common issues with YouTube page as this may provide some answers.

I cant save scribe file that is recognised by You Tube

It sounds like you are saving your work as a .scribe file (which is not a video file) and then trying to upload the.scribe file to youtube (which won't work, because it is not a video file), and youtube is telling you that it is an unrecognized file type.

Instead, of the "save your project" icon in the top left corner, click the "publish and render" icon in the top right corner. to publish to youtube.

if you are doing something different please explain it more completely including what you are trying to do, step by step, what results you are seeing and any exact error messages.

I hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike - thanks for your input. Understood re the file save on my laptop not compatible but there doesnt seem anyway to change the file format when saving. I am currently uploading a scribe to You Tube - slow progress due to poor upload speed which might be why I have failed to do this to date.I will let you know if the Youtube upload works OK


Thanks for the update!
Yes a .scribe file is a file that is only meant to be opened edited and saved in the videoscribe program. It is not a video file that can be used on youtube or played in a video player.

Free trial users have options to publish videos driectly to youtube, facebook or a powerpoint file. Paying users have those options and can also render video files to their hard drives in several formats and can use the site to render and display their videos.

Hopefully your video will finish uploading to youtube and you'll be all set!

Good luck,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike. All better now. What was happening was that the video was initially rendering, or whatever the expression is, and then it was uploading but as the upload speed is dire here nothing appeared to happen with no activity on the status bar.

I was assuming that the first stage was uploading to You Tube so I couldn't understand what the second stage was about with nothing seeming to happen. It did in the end - perhaps a notice during the rendering/upload stage explaining this might help?

Thanks for your assistance 

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