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Trial period of video scribe

Hello everyone!

As master student I have to make a presentation for a course. I was planning on doing so with the video scribe software. My presentation is finished and saved onto my account. The free trial period, however, has passed and now it's impossible for me to save the presentation from my account on my computer. Is this possible without paying the monthly fee?

Best regards,

A student in panic

Charlotte, you would need to publish your project in order to access it without a subscription. During trial you have YouTube, Facebook or PowerPoint as publishing options but I can see you have purchased a subscription now so you will also be able to save the project in a number of different formats directly onto your computer.

I am going to conduct a workshop to 40 teachers using TAWE in MOELC Singapore. How can they download just TAWE so that the can try it?

I'm pretty sure you (and they) can just click the TAWE link at the bottom of this page.

or click this:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

so TAWE is available without having to subscribe to Sparkol Videoscribe?

also, I have the referral account. can I use my personal link?

Reading that page, I see that there is a free trial (I can't tell if there is a time limit on it) and there seems to be a free app for ipad, iphone, and android.

I don't know how the referrals work for Tawe. My guess is that you still get credit if they purchase a Videoscribe Pro membership(which includes Tawe, but you get nothing for free trials.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Understood no thinh for free trial. I need advice from sparkol on how ro secure the feql wem they actually subscribe after e trial n workshop.

You can access Tawe with a trial account but you limited a little in how much you can do with a trial account. 

Hi Barry,
I think he is asking if there is a way for him to get affiliate credit for referring 40 users to try TAWE and if so, what does he have to do to get credit.

I'm not sure but I think he would get credit for each user that enters his affiliate code AND purchases a monthly or annual pro videoscribe/Tawe membership.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Barry, you help make it very clear what I meant.

Yes you can distribute your affiliate link if you like. You do not need an active subscription to be an affiliate.

Hello!! thank you! I did a scribe video during the free 7 day trial, i want to upgrade to purchase it, yet how do i recover the video i did during my free trial, that is what i am interested in more at this moment, I need to present it like today.

Thank you appreciate your work and help

Any projects that you saved during the free trial will still be in the same place if you upgrade your trial account to PRO.


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