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Opening a file

I am trying to open a file and import a file and as soon as I click on the folder it just sit there and spins and locks up?

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1) Are you trying to open a file, or import a file? Those are two different things and they are done different ways.
2) What folder are you clicking? Can you describe it much more clearly or provide a screenshot?
3) Mac or PC ?

link to tutorials in case you want more info about the basics:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Everything has been working, but I went to open a new file and I get this and it just locks up the whole program. If I open an old project it will work, but it won't allow me to open a New project and bring any item into it.

I just tried to uninstall and reload the program and I still am unable to add a image to anything. When I go to add image the whole program locks up.

I need to get a project done by Friday and this is not helping???

It sounds like you are just trying to open a new blank scribe.
One of the first things I would try, would be to uninstall videoscribe and reinstall it.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


I have done that twice now with no luck??

I have also gone in and removed my Library from my app folder with hopes of getting pass this, but it did not work either. 

Tim, I can see you have logged a ticket and my colleague is looking at this now

Note: I kind of misunderstood the problem in my previous reply, but another user is experiencing the same symptom. He can create a new scribe but videoscribe freezes when he tries to import the first image (it looks like it freezes when trying to load and display the "recently used images" screen).

other thread:

Maybe comparing information from both users will help identify the problem and recreate it/solve it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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