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Video not uploading

Hi my project was due last night at 11:59pm, I attempted to upload it Youtube 3 times and it kept saying that my internet connection was failing. I decided to develop a link so my professor could just click and watch it, but it still has not processed. It has been 7 hours since I have developed a link. Please help!!!!

Ditto this.  What's the point of a subscription if I can't access the video online?

Ruby/Bruce, I notice that you both have subscription accounts. Are you able to publish your scribes locally to your PC or does that fail as well? Also how long are your scribe files as well? 

If you are able to publish locally you may then have more success uploading to YouTube through the manual process rather than the automatic API in VideoScribe. YouTube and Facebook impose file size/length restrictions on automatic uploads which are not as strict where human interaction takes place so you may be hitting those limits.

If you have chosen the share video online option this would upload to and give you a shortcode. This is our site so I can check on the progress of those uploads but would need the shortcode to track down your video.

Ditto. I uploaded a video yesterday at 10am and 36 hours later, it's still not showing online.

Hi David,

When you say that you uploaded a video, do you mean you uploaded to YouTube?

No. To

It did eventually load - after 2 or 3 days...but it's too long. So is 4 days to get a response on here :-(

Sorry about the delayed response. I was off at the end of last week and the beginning of this week and nobody was looking at the forums in my absence. I've been catching up since I returned to work on Wednesday. "Thanks team".

There were some technical problems with the servers over the last weekend and that caused a long delay and subsequent backlog. The problems were resolved I think some time on Monday and the backlog cleared.

So apologies for for all the delays and I hope that this will not happen again. If you do need a quick response in the future please submit a support ticket.

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