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Word Wrap

I'd like to make a video that contains a series of text boxes. These text boxes can contain quite a few words, so I'd like them to wrap to some width that I can specify.

I would maybe expect resizing the text box to allow me to change the width, but that just makes the entire line larger or smaller, without ever wrapping the text.

Currently I have to manually insert line breaks using the enter key, which can be pretty annoying if I want to go back and change the wording slightly- I have to redo all of the line breaks again.

This seems like a pretty obvious feature, but I don't see any settings for it, and my googling isn't very fruitful. I appreciate any pointers you can offer! How do other people handle this problem?

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It's set up this way as the text box size controls the font size. Given that if we added auto-wrap into the mix as well you wouldn't have any control of text size. 

So the only way to put this in would be to add a manual font size control and make the text wrap automatic instead. 

I'm going to turn this into a feature request rather than a question to see if this would be a popular change with other customers (like Kevin's comment if you agree) and if it is we will give consider making that change.

Thanks for the reply. At least now I know I can stop looking for the feature!

But yeah, I expected it to work similarly to how Microsoft Paint works (that's not something you hear often, but bear with me). When you create a text box in Paint, you can toggle back and forth between setting the font size and setting the bounding box. Changing the width of the bounding box causes the text to wrap to that width, without changing the font size. Changing the font size still respects that wrap width, but will simply take up more vertical space.

I'm surprised this feature hasn't already been requested, and I wonder how other people handle this. Manually inserting line breaks works for now, but it's much more tedious than being able to set a wrap width. Maybe I should create the text boxes in another program, make an image from that text box, and insert it into VideoScribe? Then I lose the cool text animations.

Anyway, thanks again for the reply. I'm looking forward to playing with this more over the next couple days.

I understand what you mean and it's a neat idea. I've given it a like to get it started!


I am in the same boat as Kevin.  Has this feature been added yet?

Thank you,


Hi Greg, 

I have responded to your ticket- but for everyone else, this isn't a feature that is supported in VideoScribe. 

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