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noticeable "boxes" underneath text

Sometimes text that I create will have a grey box in the area where the text will show up... so it doesn't look like text being written on white, because the grey box "gives it away".  Text writes okay, but you can see the grey box.  It's very light, but on a few different screens is noticeable.  Especially noticeable after creating a stand alone file, or posting to Youtube, but also noticeable sometimes before rendering.

Seems like a random little glitch... ??

I seem to remember that happening:

1) when using lighter text on a darker background
2) when using glows, drop shadows or other effects on the text
3) when stacking multiple text elements in the same location (usually with a white image in between layers to cover the old text)
4) Maybe only when certain fonts are used.

You can save your scribe (work file) online and tell customer support the name of it if you want specific feedback.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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