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Tawe video still not published AGAIN - 12 hours later. What's going on?

I created a video last evening on 3/16  to use in a publication for a deadline I have 3/17. So now it's 12 hours later, I still get a "Hang in there, your video will be ready soon" message and no published video. This is the second time this has happened in 2 weeks.

I was told when this happened March 5 it there was a server issue happening, and it looks like several other users were having the same problem. Anyone else experiencing this again?

I've filed a help ticket as well, but was dismayed to read that the Sparkol office is closed until March 21. So I will have to create a quick Plan B here. But really, what is going on with the platform? I have serious concerns about its reliability if I can't count on a reasonable publishing time.

Just to add a further update - it's now Friday, March 17 at 1:20 pm eastern standard time. The video is STILL not up on

Wow. I really hope someone can fix this issue and explain to me how you are going to address this.


Carolyn, looking at the render it seems it be stuck on the 1080p MP4 version for download and the other versions have rendered successfully. I'll raise this with the web team and get them to restart that to see if we can push it through.

Hi again! While I have had some response to my email that confirm that the rendering services have been experiencing technical difficulties, it has now been 7 days since I made this Tawe and it is still not published.

Matthew from support suggested by email: "Our rendering service is currently experiencing some technical issues. We are currently working on resolving the problem, but you may experience a delay in your videos being published. Any videos that fail to render as a result of this issue will be reset as soon as we have fixed the problem and should then render successfully.

In the meantime I would recommend rendering your scribe locally as a video file and saving to your computer."

I'd be happy to if you could give me step-by-step measures I can take to do this. I created the Tawe on my ipad. I don't know how to render it locally or save it to my computer. I'm posting this request here as well as emailing support again as others may be having these challenges too.

I look forward to a timely response - and my confidence in Tawe as a reliable platform for me being able to use in my work continues to fade rapidly.


Carolyn, I'll take a look at the ticket now and respond there so we are not having 2 different conversations on 2 different channels

Just curious what happened here. 

It has been just an hour for 5 second video render and it is a painful wait. 

How can I save it locally. I don't an option on TAWE. 

Hiya - Unlike Videoscribe, there is no option of saving your Tawe to your desktop. The only option is to render it to 

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