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Audio export problem - sound distortion

When I export to .mov file... or directly to youtube even, the voice over distorts. Cannot figure out how to get the same clean sound as when it's on my computer pre-render.  



If this symptom does not happen with every video, and if you want customer support to examine a particular scribe, save your work file to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it. Videoscribe does not have an option for users to adjust the audio quality. If your audio has a slight hissing, lisping, or popping sound, or even if it sounds fine, it may become worse in the rendered video. With other files you may not notice a difference after rendering.

If you think that the sound distortion you are experiencing is just the result of Videoscribe's audio export quality, then you may want to use a third-party video editor to replace the videoscribe audio with a higher quality sound file. Or you could try modifying your audio file before importing it into videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

The distortion is definitely a result of Videoscribe's audio export quality. I have tried many different versions of my audio and chosen different volume and audio compression levels. Always distorts, mostly you hear it on headphones with decent frequency range.  

Third party video editor option forces a re-render of the video, so the quality dips.  

Why is the audio setting on Videoscribe low quality? It almost negates even using the whole program.  



Definitely the audio problem is on the Videoscribe side. I have tried many tweaks to my own audio.  

Why is the audio quality so poor when your video quality is nice and high?


Liz, sorry for the delayed reply we have had a few days out of the office here at Sparkol planning for the future so been away from the forums.

It's actually something we would like to address and is going through review at the moment. Hopefully it will be addressed shortly and we'll update this forum once we something concrete for you

I am having the exact same problem. I've put countless hours into this Videoscribe project and now we're finding that when we export at the highest HD setting for .mov, the resulting audio quality is unacceptably distorted. I am enormously disappointed that we have no options for exporting with a higher quality audio file.

As Liz Brennan asked above, "Why is the audio quality so poor when your video quality is nice and high?"

Barry, you mentioned back on Mar 21 that this issue was being reviewed. Four months have passed. Is a solution forthcoming?

Nothing concrete as yet Darren, we have a new CTO here at Sparkol so we have been taking stock of everything in the last month or so to plan the roadmap for the product. 

Just finished my first VideoScribe project, everything went well and it sounded great--and then I went to export it. The audio had a high-pitched tone that I could not get rid of no matter what I tried. 

I haven't experienced that symptom, but my guess is that you either need to
1) figure out a way to modify the mp3 before you import it into videoscribe to avoid the symptom when you render.. or
2) use a third party video editing program to replace the audio in the finished video


-Mike (videoscribe user)

 Hi..does your microphone require phantom power? If not, turn it off.That is not relevant to this problem though - the only thing "wrong" with the audio is that it is "a bit" (but not excessively) quiet. To fix that, after you have mixed down the recording to a single track, normalize to -1 dB and then export (as WAV). Currently your peak level is about -8.5 dB.

Hello Team,

I am having exactly the same problem. Creating a project for 8-year son, everything worked well but the distorted voice means the project can hardly be demonstrated. He is very disappointed and I have no clue how to fix this.  The whole purpose of getting the software was to create his explainer videos and now it's creating issues when needed most. 

Any help would be much appreciated.  


(Customer support works weekdays during regular UK business hours)

Attach your audio file if you would like customer support or other users to examine it for possible issues that could be easily resolved.

Provide a link to your video if you would like customer support or other users to evaluate the quality of the audio output relative to other videos, to determine if this is an unusual case.

If you are recording audio directly into videoscribe instead of making an mp3 file, use adio recording software to make an mp3 file instead, and import it into videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Still having this problem it's a joke tbh

Hey Adam , can see you have a ticket with us so we'll pick this up there and look at the specifics of your situation.

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