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Team Members not able to Export

 Hello Good Folks at Sparkol!

For some reason, my team members are unable to export their projects.. They are listed on my online account, however when they export, it is telling them to upgrade to pro.. This was working fine a couple weeks ago.



Abid, I cannot see a team under your account or at least not the account you have posted to this forum with?

Chances are though with that error their subscription may have expired

Hey Barry! 

Thanks for the response.

If you see the attached screenshot you will see that the team members are listed in my profile.. Are they listed under my subscription or are they separate? None of us received any notification that our subscription expired.

Thanks Abid, your original post was made using your gmail account so now I have that email I have tracked down your Fifth Story team.

Your team licence expired on 2016/03/05 which is why your colleagues cannot log-in. You have a single licence on your account as well as the team one and that is active but you do not have an active team subscripion at the moment. If you wish to purchase a new team subscription you can do this from

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