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Scribe is being drawn with multicoloured pen effect

Does anyone have any ideas as to why VS draws with a multi coloured pen? The vector  elements overlap and it seems to recognise/draw the overlapping colours.

Please take a look at the attachment below for a better understanding of what I mean.



Without seeing the SVG it's hard to be sure but looks like you have your fill and lines on the same layer. VideoScribe will then just draw whatever is under the path on the SVG. Separate your fills onto a sub layer and they will be joined after. Example of how this is done below.

Illustrator tutorial

Ok thanks Barry, I thought it had something to do with that.

Have a good week.


if the problem is solved, then please disregard what I am writing below.

I believe that Barry's suggestion solves a similar but different issue (for example a circle with a stroke and fill in the same layer but no other strokes or fills overlapping).

In this particular case, all of the fruit appears to be in one SVG. There are color fills on higher layers of the SVG which cover parts of black stroked paths on lower layers.

In videoscribe if you have multiple colors (whether they are strokes or fills) in the same SVG, the top color will always show as the SVG is being drawn. In other words if and SVG contains a black stroked circle which is completely covered by a larger green filled-and-stroked circle, the smaller black circle will be drawn green in videoscribe, and then the larger green circle will be drawn and filled over it. I hope that makes sense.

To achieve the effect you desire (draw the lines of each fruit in black), I think you will have to save each fruit as an individual SVG and then import and arrange them in videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have drawn a series of images in AI applying the basic principle of drawing in overlapping lines and fills. That was the cause of the problem, not having every element/ layer totally separate.

Slowly getting there ;-)

Thank again


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