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I wanna be a youtube ....... and animate like animole in video scribe urgent

HI kind of you guys to stop by.................... i wanna be a YOUTUBER i am not using this for business. I am using this for creating educative explainer  video like AsapScience 

my youtube channel will be EverWONDER................ its a scientific explainer channel 

( example IS watching TV bad for you ? )




i have seen examples of videoscribe at ur website n youtube...........but i am sorry to say its kinda limited for what i wanna do

like adding eye ball image ......... eyes strained . muscles ..... protein's ect ( all normal n scientific stuff is not at all available )

i used inkscape  but no luck

+ i wish i could draw the images(doodle) n add it  to my scribe .

I wanna use it for youtube

I feel it limited ....please do something or atleast tell me how to animate like animole animators

There may be a few Animole animators monitoring the forums that may want to help you with some hints and tips.

But the simple answer to that is they are professional illustrators and animators with years of experience mixed with a significant amount of talent. I don't know what your experience or talent levels are so no judgement here but they do it for a living for a reason. 

So they will create custom SVGs and also publish their VideoScribe files as image sequences and import them into professional video editing applications to add further animation and effects that VideoScribe cannot do on it's own. You may find our Create your own images page useful and also this YouTube video which one of our customers has created to walk you through image creation.

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