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ADVANCED: Is there a CAMERA object that allows you to zoom to particular parts of your scribe, without having to create a transparent object with a set camera view?

What I mean is, is I want to summarize my scribe at the end, by moving my camera to previous areas while my voiceover summarizes.

I can accomplish this by creating an image, (make it 0% visibility, and setting the camera to a particular spot, but I heard there was a camera zoom object?

Thanks in advanced,


There is no camera zoom object. However, any element placed outside of the visible camera area will work without being transparent. position your element outside of the viewable area then aim your camera where you want it, select the off-camera element (in the timeline at the bottom of the screen)  and click "set camera"

if you are doing multiple camera movements, just set up the first one then copy and paste it and adjust the camera positions for the remaining ones.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank-you Mike,

That really helps. It's especially useful when you want to change to a new camera view without the animation in that section starting immediately as well!


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