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Black lines while morphin


I'm new to video scribe and quite struggling with the not-so-intuitive workflow...

One of the problems is when I try to move an item via morphing as explained in your tutorial (4 with the mug): a black line pops up over the line during morph?

It looks - also during the 'drawing' phase - as if a thicker mask-line is used?

Only I didn't draw a thicker transparent line or something like that??

I made just one single line, drawn in Illustrator. In orange, to see the difference with black lines from Videoscribe.

I have tried to illustrate in the attached jpg.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks a lot.

Jurjen Rolf

Ok, nice that you solved the problem using Illustrator. I have the same issue with the black lines appearing while morphing using inkscape. What can I do?


As mentioned previously, every stroked path in your SVG (including transparent stroked paths and color ones) will appear as a 100% opaque black stroked path during the morph animation. Color fills disappear.
That is not a problem or a bug, it is just the way morphing works in videoscribe.

Therefore it may be best to use "Morph" with SVGs that contain only black stroked paths and no transparent reveal strokes.

If your problem is something different than what I explained, you should probably save the morph animation as a .scribe file and attach it here.

I hope that helps,
Mike (vidoescribe user)


You could also export the SVG file from VideoScribe and remove the transparent paths using Illustrator or Inkscape and then bring your modified SVG back into VideoScribe. We have an article called Fill an image using the hand and you are basically looking to remove the bit that this article tells you how to create

Try changing the units of the SVG to pixels (px) in the Document properties in Inkscape.

image image

Also make sure that the stroke width is set to pixels:


Save and reimport into VideoScribe. You still may get a bit of thickening but it will be less than before.

We have now released VideoScribe version 3.2.0 where any transparent strokes will be ignored during the morph so you will no longer see the black lines over images set to morph that have a transparent reveal stroke over them.

Download version 3.2.0 from your account page. |  View Release Notes for v3.2.

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