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How to switch trough different slides in the library FAST?

Hey guys,

like the tilte says: How do I switch trough the different slides in der library FAST? In the first tutorial video from videoscribe, the guy switches between the different slides of images in the library pretty fast. I can find how... I have to click the small bubbles at the bottom to get to the next slide, which is super annoying! 

Already tried and doesnt work:

- TAB, Ctrl+tab, mousewheel, arrows

Please help! 

PS: Is there a complete list of shortcuts?



Hi Jakob,

If you have a mouse with a wheel you kan scroll through the different pages of the library or a library folder.



Sorry, did not see that you already tried the mouse wheel ;-(  Please disregard my earlier post.

Rolling (not clicking) the mouse wheel on top of your mouse is the way to do it. If that is not working for you, then we need to figure out why the mouse wheel is not working correctly in videoscribe I think.

1) Does your mouse wheel work in other programs (for example, scrolling in your web browser)?
2) What operating system are you using?
3) Some users may think that the mouse wheel is the laser or ball underneath the mouse, or a trackball on a trackball style mouse, so please confirm that you have a three button mouse on which the center button is a wheel/ thirdbutton on the top of the mouse that you can spin with your finger while the mouse is in it's normal working position.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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