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Hand with eraser on display after publication - that is not set in development


After raising tickets that nevet got answered (!) - I am trying another way by starting a new topic.

In development I have inserted "no hand" with moving an element and it looks good BUT everytime I publish my videoscribe I get on display a hand with an eraser. I have tried everything : remove the element, add it again, cahnge the type of hand..Please can someone help me with it? Obviously I cannot rely on the sparkol hotline that keeps ignoring my request - what a low level of professionnalism (#19072)....

A very angry and disappointed customer from switzerland.


(Keep in mind that Sparkol customer support works Monday-Friday during UK business hours, so if you have been trying all weekend for example, you would not get a reply.)

A quick google search of "videoscribe wrong hand rendered video" returned this related thread:
It sounds like a bug in versions of videoscribe older than 2.3.3 with zero-animation time on some elements.
You may want to update to the newest version of videoscribe and read the linked thread for other tips.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

Thank you for your answer!I really appreciate.

Of yourse I was not expecting an answer outside business hours, the ticket I was talking about was opened 8 days ago.

Kind regards,



Lydie, Mike's correct here looks like you are using v2.3.0. Download the latest version and you should be fine -

As I said when I replied to your ticket yesterday it appears you may have inadvertently closed it shortly after opening it so we never saw it. Sorry about the delays though and hope you get this working

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