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FIXED: SVG's blurry even with 4000px image quality

Hi all, this started as a question, but I've learned what I did wrong. Posting here in case it helps anyone… image quality questions are rampant here, so I'll try to be concise and clear:

My SVGs vary in size and complexity, I've noticed that the more complex ones are very blurry, even after changing the default image quality.

As I discovered, the complexity differences were a coincidence, the reason they were blurry is that the Default Image Quality setting refers only to images that have NOT yet been laid down on the canvas.

Blurry images may remain blurry after changing this setting, and replacing an already-laid image with another won't fix that blurriness. You have to lay down a brand new image on the canvas (it can, however, be one you've already imported to the library) and copy the timing and picture settings from the previous image.

To reiterate:

  • Lay down the same image again
  • Scale and shift it into place
  • Manually add in the timings (don't forget any camera zooms)
  • Delete the last image

Could this process be clarified by an admin or staff member? Is there a way to change the image quality of images already laid on the canvas? Seems like a large video would be an absolute nightmare to fix with my method (mine wasn't painless).



So a change in the default image quality will only change images you import after that. If you have images in the canvas or in you recently used list these have already been imported and would have done so at the previous settings. 

Works both ways though so stuff you import at 4K will remain 4K even if you lower the settings later. 

Remember as well that the bigger the image file the more RAM you are going to use so long scribes with all 4K images may run into other issues later. So I would only use that high a setting where the image really needed it. 



Thanks for the reply Barry. Yes, I've learned a lot of this through trial and error (though really the word 'default' should've given it away for me)!

It would be great if VideoScribe could live update the image quality of items already imported. It's all well and good to encourage a higher image quality where it's needed, but without viewing an exported scribe at the desired output resolution – how am I to know whether the quality is needed?

 In videoscribe version 1 we could change the image quality for each image individually as it was imported and/or at any time while the scribe was still open.

For jpg and png images, I could use a quality setting equal to the pixel width of each image for the best results. If one SVG image was too blurry or too sharp I could adjust the quality(size) setting quickly and easily without closing the scribe.

Version 1.3.26 was da bomb.

Maybe I'll copy this to the suggestions forum.

-Mike (nostalgic videoscribe user)


Ahhhh, back when kids played football in the street, penny sweets were actually a penny and kids were seen and not heard (please replace my stereotypical English nostalgic memories with example applicable to your region).

On a serious note it's a good idea Mike and would be happy to raise it formally if you put it in the Ideas forum... I'll even give it a like myself 

Barry, I'm afraid until Freddos are 10p again I'm going to have to complain about VideoScribe!

Brilliant. Apparently there's a lot of work to be done.

THANK YOU!!! I was trying to "replace" the image but I didn't realise you have to add a new one. You saved me so much time

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