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Saved Tawe to Cloud...Now, where is it?


I recently finished my first Tawe with the free version and it said it saved to the online Sparkol Cloud. I am currently on my account and cannot find it anywhere. My Tawe was made for a class that explore technologies, and I need to turn it in ASAP. Please let me know where my video is located. 

Thank you

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You have 3 options to save information.

Publish Tawe - This will create a video file and publish this on Log-into that website with your sparkol account and click My Videos to find it.

Export Tawe - This will allow you to save the .tawe file to you machine or a local drive

Save Online - This saves to the Online folder so you can access your Tawe from any machine you log-into. To get to these click on the folder below on your project screen

How do I access the Sparkol cloud from my desktop?


Carolyn, you need to log-into the Tawe application to access the Cloud folder from your computer

Barry Radford - I am logged in to my Sparkol account. When I go to my account page I see Videoscribe and Tawe. I see how many scribes I have saved "in the cloud" for Videoscribe, but for Tawe there is nothing listed. Could you please break this out more step-by-step for us all please?


As Tawe is a new application the online files are not available through your account page on the website in the same way as with VideoScribe, we may roll this out to Tawe in the future but for now you can only access your online files through the Tawe program itself. 

So the steps are as follows:

- Open Tawe on the computer you are working on (Start > Programs > Tawe from Windows or Applications > Tawe on OSX)

- Log into Tawe using your Sparkol account details

- you will see on Online Cloud folder once logged in with your email address on it

- Click on this folder and all your online work is available there. 



OK thanks Barry - so I need to access the Sparkol Cloud from the app itself, not from the website. 

Now that I know that, I can see the files I have created there in my Online Cloud folder. But is there any way to download them on to my own computer from Sparkol or can they only be accessed through The reason I ask is because of the issue I had last week when a video took several hours to upload to and I missed a deadline as a result.

Thanks for any further clarification you can provide!

Correct, that folder will follow you around wherever you are so if you access Tawe on another machine it will be there as the files are in the cloud. 

Sorry your video took so long last week and you missed a deadline, at busy times the servers may take a little longer than usual.

At the moment you can only access the video files from your Tawe through Once they are up there you can download them as MP4 videos to have them locally but they must be published first.

Do I have to buy credits to publish Tawes even though I have a paid subscription?

To publish from your mobile device, yes, you need to purchase credits even if you have a Pro subscription to the desktop version of Tawe. But, you can transfer your project to your computer by saving the project to your online directory and then it will be available in the cloud folder when you log into the software on your computer. You can then publish your Tawe from there.

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